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Welcome to the premium version of SnapFiles!
The SnapFiles Pro (formerly MyWebAttack) subscription will provide you with access to the web's most powerful download site and more than 5 gigabyte of locally hosted freeware files as well as thousands of free shareware trials. Our premium site is similar to the original version of WebAttack, but offers an advanced, customizable interface, powerful search and sorting functions as well as many additional features and services.
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Only $19.95 per year! That averages out to only $1.67/month.
We do not rebill you automatically! At the end of the year, it's your choice to renew or not.

item No advertising
item Faster loading pages
item E-mail Update Alerts
item New Software Alerts
item Favorite Downloads
item 3 different view styles
item Faster navigation
item Direct Downloads
item Real-Time Updates
item Multi-Selection System
item Favorite Categories
item One-Click Update Check
item Customizable Home Page
item Advanced Search Options
item Build your own categories
item Favorite Links
item More Featured Freeware
item User ratings
item Instant Previews
item Hundreds of Not-yet-reviewed titles

 and more...!

Our new Software Alert feature allows you to be on the lookout for new software that interests you. As soon as a program that matches your criteria is added to the site, we will notify you by email. You can also choose to be notified whenever your favorite programs are updated. Everything can be managed online, so you are in complete control of all your alerts!
Sample Pages
Member Control Panel
Choose from a variety of options to customize the site, manage your favorites, alert settings and more...
Favorite Downloads
Manage your favorite downloads online. Check for updates, add comments and more...
Favorite Categories
You can select your favorite categories and automatically monitor new software that is being added or updated...
Instant Previews
You can enable small screenshots next to every listing, in every category, search results etc.
Product display
Detailed product display, including and overview of related programs, user rating, user comments and more...
Category Builder
Build your own category pages and mix & match programs from different categories into a single page
Compare ALL shareware and freeware in a category side by side. Then mix and match to pick the stuff that interests you....
Software Alerts
In addition to our Update Alerts, you can also choose to be notified when new software arrives that matches your interests...
Latest Submissions
As a subscriber you also have access to our large database of pending, not-yet-reviewed software titles...

sample Each shareware product page automatically suggests related freeware products for you and vice versa. This allows you to quickly find a free alternative, or a commercial solution for any selected program.

sampleSnapFiles Pro also uses our unique multi-select system throughout the site, that allows you to select multiple software titles, even across categories and create a page with all the details, rather than visiting each page individually.

Click here to purchase a one-year membership. Only $19.95 per year!
That averages out to only $1.67/month.

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favorite downloads
Manage your favorite downloads with our online download organizer. Add new programs, organize them and check for new versions with a single click!
view a Flash demoView a demo
email alerts
Get an email notification when your programs are updated or when new software is added to the site that matches your criteria.
view a Flash demoDemo (Updates)
view a Flash demoDemo (New Software)
favorite categories
Maintain a list of your favorite categories for fast access and monitor new software that is added to them!
favorite links
You can also maintain a list of favorite links online, access them from anywhere and add them to our home page for quick access!
faster access
Share our server and backbone connection with thousands instead of millions of users. Download many files directly from our server!
no ads
No advertising banners to slow you down. Enjoy faster loading, less distracting pages!
power search
A powerful search engine allows you to filter by license, rating and price. You can even mix & match your own categories, using our unique Category Builder!